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One to One

Transformational Confidence, Clarity and Communication Coaching - one of a kind, that makes a profound difference to your life.

There are three options, or chat to me about creating a specific package that fits your length of availability…

Power of Mum Coach Coaching COnfidence Overwhelm surrey south-east London

Power to Focus (One-off Sessions)

Transformational one-off client calls, with a shed-load of accountability, action and purpose. A really useful way into coaching.


Groups (and Online Workshops)

I LOVE group courses: the power of community and accountability is absolutely extraordinary.

Our signature Course #1000TinySteps opens for its second round in early 2019 - learn more about the Round 1 content by clicking below.

#LessonswithLaura run every quarter and are incredible online workshops, each on a specific topic or value. All workshops are available to book for 2019 at a super-discount right now!

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In Person Groups and Workshops

Having been a teacher for 13 years, there’s nothing I love more than meeting people in person (that’s why I run Supper Clubs and other Events). Have a gander at the various options, from high-level VIP Coaching to group workshops alongside the founders of the Positive Planner.