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Fogginess. A feeling that there’s something more, but you don’t know how to find it. A restlessness that this can’t be how it’s all going to be from now on.


But you’ve still got a pay the bills right? Or maybe baby needs its nappy changed yet again. But what is even the point in investing any time in yourself because how will you find the motivation to see a plan through?


And yet. The restlessness is still there - isn’t it. You know that this isn’t it, that that idea you had a while ago (or perhaps it’s even looser than that - perhaps it’s just a feeling, a vision of how life could be) - it tugs at you. 


But you put it to one side again, because you’re not one of those people that just wants to have a chat about your feelings. You know that if you took time to do that, you’d want to know there really was going to be some action at the end of it. And besides you’re not sure you even deserve to have spent all that time on you, when there are so many other people let me to, so many other things we should be doing, so many other important jobs.


There is so little time: how could you find an hour, a couple of hours, to devote just to yourself, an hour that might set in motion plans that could change your life. An hour that could leave you feeling breathless with excitement. An hour that could lead you to reclaiming you?


But, and I ask this knowing that I have so often being the person saying "I DON'T HAVE ENOUGH TIME!"

Do you really not have enough time for you? I am saying that knowing full well how busy you are. How much you've got going on. But I am also sure that you deserve to address these feelings of restlessness. To work out a next move. To work out how to make you feel and be your most powerful, brilliant self.

Just think about what could happen:

  • those whirling, endless, restless thoughts could become something positive and purposeful

  • that undefinable worry could be overcome, and replaced with a sense of direction and determination

  • That guilt - the guilt you feel about not being true to yourself, the guilt you feel about not loving your life all the time, the guilt you feel about the kind of mum you are, the guilt you feel about this restlessness - that could be replaced with calm and focus.

You don't need to change you, because you're already fabulous. But it's ok to talk to someone who is impartial, who understands the importance of mindset work, confidence and taking action.

Someone who's got a Cambridge degree, who had an amazing job, who's got a wonderful family, but had her children and felt that restlessness. Who thought - is this it? Someone who followed her gut, did the work, and pursued with focus, determination, and without guilt, a life that mean she is truly present with her children and husband. A life where she gets an income of which she is proud. A life where she feels like she's truly making a difference. OH HI THERE! I'm right here!

Power of Mum Confidence Business Mindset Coach London

Whether I work with clients for one hour, three months, six months or more, my purpose is always the same:



So how does a Power to Focus Call work with me?

  • I listen to what's going on with you

  • I will respond with honesty, warmth and affection

  • Then I will get PRACTICAL

  • Whatever I think you need the most - I will offer it

  • For all my clients, that is specific mindset work, usually through practical task and exercises I ask you to complete (and follow up via email)

  • We set action goals that - again - I will hold you accountable to

  • I will direct you to any specific resources, or other professionals I think can help

Let's get Admin Tastic:

  • One hour session

  • Workbook sent in advance of call

  • Accountability set through action goals

  • Follow-up work sent

  • Email follow-up

  • Cost: £150- either pay immediately and then we'll sort out a time within 24 hours, or fill out the form to register interest and you can pay when we book a time.

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