Power of Mum® Episode 2: What even is coaching and how do you have it all?! With Ruth Kudzi, Business and Mindset Coach

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My guest this week is the fabulous Ruth Kudzi, Business and Mindset Coach, a business devotee, who is passionate about supporting women to build profitable service-led businesses. Ruth is informative, thoughtful, and totally committed to coaching. She is also hilarious, a loving mum to two girls (18 months and 3 years) and wife to a man with a sugar habit. She seems to have it all - but does she, and if so how?! Ruth shares her top tips with me in this brilliant episode, which was such a pleasure to record. 

Things we discuss in this podcast:

  • Ruth's career to date - business owner, recruitment guru, Assistant Headteacher and Coach
  • Coaching - the perception versus the reality, how it works in practice, what a coach actually does
  • The struggle to balance childcare with working - the emotional and financial cost
  • Our preconceptions about what a "good" Mum is, and finding our own Power of Mum
  • Starting a business - the challenges and the excitement - along with many brilliant top tips from Ruth
  • Advice for mums wanting to start their own business
  • The juggle is real - how to have it all (eventually)
  • Money mindset and our feelings about money
  • Why women often seem to end up staying small in their ambitions
  • Juggling our relationships with work