Power of Mum® Episode 4: The Positive Planner, Mental Health, Postnatal Depression and Bearded Ladies

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My wonderful guest this week is Ali McDowall, one of the two directors and creators of The Positive Planner, a daily journal that helps you track how you’re feeling and work through what’s on your mind. Mum of two, and PND discusser, Ali is beautiful, warm, passionate and a real joy to chat to (we are already planning a drink when she's next in London!)

Things we discuss in this podcast:

  • What postnatal depression looks like
  • Loss of identity and its powerful effect on our feelings about ourselves and motherhood
  • Learning to accept being in the present
  • Celebrating work for its own joy, and accepting that working can make us happy
  • How The Positive Planner is a transformational tool (it really is)!
  • How The Positive Planner developed from a dream into a business
  • Medication and depression
  • Crafting and using your hands
  • The importance of playgroups, community and being social, even when we don't feel like it
  • Finding positivity in the little things