Power of Mum® Episode 7 with Suzy Reading: Why Self-Care is essential, the Power of Mantras and how life looks when we add self-care to it

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Suzy Reading is someone I’ve followed on Instagram for a long time: her account is so full of positivity and tangible, useful advice. Her book, The Self-Care Revolution, has been recommended to me by so many clients (and vice versa) that it was a true delight to hear from this C21 Guru in person. Suzy has done something I am so passionate about: lived a multi-passionate life using all her varied and multi-faceted skills to create an amazing and giving business. And she’s Australian - swoon.

Things we discuss in this podcast:

  • What happens when we have no self-care

  • Emotional bankruptcy

  • The Vitality Wheel

  • How to live practically with micro-moments of self-care

  • How to enjoy the school run

  • Mindfulness and faith

  • Self-care for kids

  • Designing t-shirt slogans