Power of Mum® Episode 6: Steph Douglas, Don't Buy Her Flowers: Business Chat, First Time Motherhood vs Third Time, Starting a Business & kids selling socks

Steph douglas dont buy her flowers power of mum laura oldfield podcast

Steph Douglas was my guest of my dreams! In this episode we discuss everything concerning business, motherhood, Instagram, having three kids, stopping comparisonitis, blogging, breast pumps, flogging old socks and much more...

Things we discuss in this podcast:

  • Going from being an employer to an entrepreneur

  • Knowing when your business is a "success"

  • Keeping it simple - one thing at a time in business

  • Knowing when to expand and develop your business

  • What parenting looks like and how it evolves as our children grow and thrive

  • How motherhood does and doesn't change you

  • How first time motherhood feels so very different from third time motherhood

  • The unique noise of a breast pump

  • No judgement parenting