Power of Mum® Episode 5: Mama Buba Bump, The Baby Bubble and Fertility with Sophie Griffiths

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My glorious guest this week is Sophie Griffiths, founder and director of Mama Buba Bump, an online village of support from experts and mamas. Through her incredibly diverse and experienced range of experts, Sophie has created a community where mums can benefit from  expert information you can trust, support from other mamas in the same position as you as well as exclusive access to podcasts, mama mentors and live webinars and online workshops. In this episode we talk relationships, fertility issues, parenting sassy girls, going from being an employee to an entrepreneur, mindset work, and the importance of good biscuits.

Things we discuss in this podcast:

  • What parenting looks like and how it evolves as our children grow and thrive

  • Going from an employer to an entrepreneur

  • How it turns out that mindset work isn't all waffle...

  • Fertility problems and how to deal with them

  • The two week wait

  • The challenges of starting a business

  • Raising girls

  • The big vision