Power of Mum® Podcast 1: with Megan Rossiter, Founder of Positively Birthing

Power of Mum Podcast Business Confidence Coach

Power of Mum® The Podcast: this first episode features Megan Rossiter, founder of Positively Birthing, talking about business, motherhood and much more besides.

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Do you ever wonder how someone decides to make that shift from one career to another completely different? How they juggle business and mum hood and still seem perpetually positive? Meet Megan Rossiter, founder of Positively Birthing!

I discovered Megan's Oatcake Adventures account, and got to know her, her wonderful business Positively Birthing and her son Otis. She is even nicer in real life than on her grid, and is an inspirational, articulate and thoughtful mum of one.

Things we discuss in this podcast:

  • Megan's bold move from acting to midwifery, to business owner
  • Hypnobirthing - the perception versus the reality, how it works in practice in hospital, birth trauma
  • The struggle to balance childcare with working - the emotional and financial cost
  • The fabulous charity Pregnant then Screwed
  • Pregnancy and Hyperemesis Gravidarum - mental and physical effects
  • Megan's involvement with the HG charity Pregnancy Sickness Support
  • Our preconceptions about what a "good" Mum is, and finding our own Power of Mum
  • Starting a business - the challenges and the excitement
  • Advice for mums wanting to start their own business
  • Social media - the pressure and the benefits - in particular how Megan has used Instagram to build her business
  • Why being a mum is awesome!