I LOVE group courses: the power of community and accountability is absolutely extraordinary. Bringing a group of brilliant women is seriously impressive (if only our government had more of that…)

Our signature Course #1000TinySteps opens for its second round in early 2019.

#LessonswithLaura run every couple of months and are incredible online workshops, each on a specific topic or value. Click here to book all 5 of the remaining sessions right now at an amazing bulk-buy discount!

Power of Mum: Group Mastermind for Business Owners opens in 2019…


Power of Mum: Group Mastermind

for business owners

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This course is incredible and I am so excited to share more about it with you…

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Inspirational, educational two-hour workshops held every quarter for you to enjoy from the comfort of your sofa. Next date Monday 19th March!

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