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If you're ever on the fence about investing in POM’s course - DO IT!  What you pay out financially you'll receive tenfold back in knowledge, expertise, advice, recommendations, tips and above all genuine kindness and friendship.  I've never experienced training like this in such a supportive and flexible format.  It's also been fantastic to be part of a small group of driven women empowering each other.  

Nati Denniff-Jones



Crafter - Teacher - Designer

I have been working with Laura in her group coaching course for the past two weeks. She has inspired me to think about my business differently and has given me a boost of energy that I really needed. But she is also very knowledgeable of all things small business related, social media and how to get out there. And her experiences have been of great practical help too. I am really looking forward to the rest of the course and the transformation and new ideas that I am working on for my business.

Kat Heath


Qualified beauty therapist, blogger for Epsom and Ewell Families, Styled by Susie and Hi Mama Letters. 

Founder of 2.4

Mum of two boys. Harry and Elliott x

Laura has been an inspiration for myself both on a personal level and creatively in regards to my business idea. 

I had my second child, Elliott earlier this year and I really struggled with where I saw myself and what my talents were outside of being a mother. 

I refused to go back to my menial pin money job so I needed to refocus my future and Lauras course offered me a chance to do that.

I'm now in the process of starting up my blog zine called 2.4 for mums in and around North Surrey and South West London. 

I've also enrolled on a blog writing course by Sarah Akwisombe. Without Lauras input I would never have had the confidence or acumen to do this for myself. 

It is worth every penny and it's something you can dip in and out of between feeds or nursery runs.

Ideal for anyone who is a little lost, as life gets in the way for most of us at some point.

God where do I even start!!!!

Suddenly it was my time and I’ve not looked back since. Coaching with Laura has been life changing in many ways. I’m doing things I’ve put off for years because I thought they were too difficult for me, that I didn’t have time or that I wasn’t talented enough and what do you know, fear is always bigger than it seems and I am actually talented! Laura will champion you in whatever you want to do. And if you dream big, like me, she will help you prioritise and get a plan in place to make it a reality. Good luck and go for it. Scared of investing in yourself? So was I.... but I reckon I’ll earn tenfold back and probably more on this investment so do it because, after all, aren’t you worth it.

And regarding the group course…

What I love about Laura other than her warmth and acceptance of women from all different stories/backgrounds and ideas is that she is really realistic and practical whilst encouraging and growing your wildest dreams for you, your family and your business. This means for the groups that like minded women join her for this epic (group) journey where the joint accountability and mound of creative ideas swells up into a huge pot of maternal nurture love and success. Ladies at their best, living our best lives together and strong, as it should be. #empowered women empower women xxx

Laura Kypre

Parenting coach, blogger and therapist