friday 9 august: A day of luxury and a day of Coaching, Co-Working, Action and Problem Solving Day at brooklands hotel and spa (with optional half spa day!)

Laura’s no-nonsense, straight talking approach has helped me become the best possible version of me, and helping me realise that it’s no magic formula, the power lies within us - Laura just has a special way of unlocking that for us all.
— Siobhan, These Little Fish

This is a day of mentoring, of planning, of big thinking and of coming up with all the small actions you need to take to make all the lovely dreaming a reality! It’s coaching at its best - positive, accountable and purpose-driven, although within a beautiful setting. Here’s the plan:

  • Detailed time on each of your life and business plans (the two things are wholly linked!)

  • Problem-solving opportunities - hot-seating

  • Chances for silent, focused co-working

  • Written up, detailed action points for each of you

  • A set of questions/things to consider for the future

  • Follow up contact a fortnight later to keep you accountable

  • Optional Telegram Group

  • Unlimited tea & coffee served with a mid-morning fruit smoothie and an afternoon treat

  • Unlimited bottled still & sparkling water

  • Two course meal

  • Option to extend day with a half spa day (i.e. into the evening)! For everything you need to know about the spa check out this review I did of it!

  • All the tech you can imagine!

  • On-site car parking

Power of MUm Coach Mentor Surrey Life Coach Business Coach London Creative Coach
Power of MUm Surrey London Life Coach Business Coach Creative Coach


  • The day takes place in the main meeting room at Brooklands Hotel and Spa, Weybridge, Surrey, KT13 0SL

  • The Coaching day will run from 10am-4.00pm, after which those who want to can join me in the Spa!

  • You will get a follow up detailed dialogue with me, detailed action notes from me and wonderful resources to work through.


  • Worked with me before? You know how close we will become, what a difference it will make

  • Working with me for the first time? My specialist, bespoke coaching will help you find the positivity, accountability and focus you really need to move forward with purpose and action.

  • We’ll consolidate all those ideas and thoughts you’ve got, and turn them into positive and sustainable action that will leave you with a happy amount to be inspired by and getting on with.


1. Where is it and at what time?

10.00am-4.00pm, Brooklands Hotel and Spa Weybridge, plus optional additional spa time.

2. Do I have to have a business?

No! But you do need to come feeling determined to make a plan for your life whether or not that involve employment, a business, being a SAHM, and wanting to “hot-seat” on particular ideas or thoughts that are staying with you.

3. What's included?

All food and drink including a two course lunch, proper coffee, smoothie, sparkling and still water, all materials, parking,

4. Can I bring my friend?

As long as you both buy a ticket, of course!

5. I don't know anyone - is this going to be all cliquey?

NO! I don’t do cliques. I do community

6. How much is it?

The total cost including all resources all food and drink is £174 inc. VAT, the best-value rate I can possibly give you for my coaching including on any group course. If you want to join me at the spa just add an extra £25.