What's the point in going to a workshop or coaching day?

As a teacher and performer, it perhaps won’t surprise you to learn that I love in-person opportunities and learning more than anything! Talking face-to-face, learning together and supporting each other is my nirvana. But I’m aware that the benefits are less obvious to others - after all, when you can Google pretty much anything these days from “top 10 blogging tips” to “how to set up a Squarespace website”, why do you need an in-person day?

Here are my top reasons why an in-person workshop is worth it every time (full disclosure - I run them all year - the next one is on the 21st March - a day of inspiration and innovation - check out more here…)

1. You actually create things or solve problems that are bespoke just to you

How often do we see others creating something online and think “oh, wow, they’re doing that I should be doing it too!”, or you see a Pinterest post entitled “the 10 STEPS YOU HAVE TO FOLLOW TO GROW YOUR BUSINESS”, and so semi-seriously attempt three of them, before getting frustrated and moving on. In a workshop day you get someone else’s eyes and ears wholeheartedly on your life, idea or business, along with a small group of passionate people all rooting for you. You are encouraged to really think actively rather than respond passively. You are challenged to step outside your usual “go-to” idea hubs (note Google or Facebook Groups) and really get excited about your dreams again. You bounce problems off people in real time: in many ways it doesn’t matter what their advice is - it’s brilliant just to have a chance to express yourself - but their advice is often very, very pertinent. Even better - if you come to one of my workshops you get coaching so you can work out the answers all by yourself (or perhaps the questions you should be asking in the first place!)

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2. You stop digesting content half-heartedly and actually learn more in one day than in one month of Google Scrolling for advice…

We’ve all been there (or at least I know I have). You decide you need to learn about this thing that all businesses benefit from (it might be how to communicate better, or pricing structures or goodness knows what else) and so you go for a “quick scroll on Google.” In the meantime you’ve downloaded four different podcasts with advice on this one topic, signed up for three difference challenges and downloaded seven e-books.

I know, because I have to. And the thing is, there is almost certainly good content in every single one of these downloads. But there’s always something else that comes up, so you start reading or listening and then realise you haven’t billed a client, or signed off a draft, or even just come up with a name for your business…so you do that. And the learning is gone again.

A day of learning in person is a huge commitment to yourself - you rapidly realise that those evenings after evenings spent with one eye on Netflix and one eye on your laptop have been - whilst not perhaps a complete waste of time - a time spent doing stuff that hasn’t learnt to any profound or significant learning.

A day of learning in person gives you that true concentration that we normally only see from our toddler building a tower out of blocks. Yes, you might do a quick Insta story about what you’re up to, but that’s it. Otherwise you are a focused ninja, making decisions, getting creative, and concentrating.

3. The other people? They get it.

A workshop leader or coach worth their salt will make it so clear who the kind of people are in their community, that you can be sure of walking into a room and going “ah, my people.” That’s not to say you might not be challenged, or asked to think about things in a different way. But you can relax into a group of people who are there because they want to be, who are totally invested, and who are rooting for you. Even if you’re a natural introvert, you can feel safe, secure, not judged and entirely open to the day ahead.

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4. You put your fine self into the hot-seat!

How often have you read an article, or gone on a big group course, and thought “well yeah, that’s me, but if only I could talk through my question with the course leader/ article writer.” You do your best to find solutions to the problems you’re mulling over, but you don’t quite feel able to draw any really productive responses, and so you feel, well, frustrated.

At any of my workshops we include hot-seat activities, giving you the chance to work through a puzzle, problem or frustration in real time with real people - how good is that?!

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5. Welcome to the ideas factory

Have you ever had that thing, right before you’re about to go to bed, when you think of a brilliant new idea?! It’s fleeting, and then it’s gone, and you wish you’d written it down and you want to message your best friend and say “MATE I’VE GOT IT?!” That “coming up with the brilliant idea” bit is what a workshop or coaching day facilitates, all the live-long day. Perhaps you’re stuck with an existing thought, which then blooms into a beautiful idea. Perhaps you’re listening to another beautiful human and suddenly an idea pings into your head about a way you could help your existing audience. Perhaps you’re chatting over coffee about that thing that you’d started discussing, and suddenly WHAM!, there’s the idea. All I know is, a room full of so many synapses firing constantly leads to some pretty magical ideas.

And what are my workshop and coaching days specifically like?

Here’s some kind words from previous participants:

I left feeling elated and deserving.  Everyone's kind words enabled me to trust that I am enough and am capable of great things.  (Anna, The Ringsling Company)

The loveliest group of women I had ever met came along and were so astonishingly vulnerable with each other it was such an incredible and humbling experience. I can’t recommend enough and hope to see you there. (Laura, The Divine Mother Journey)

I had an amazing time at the workshop. It’s so powerful to meet other women so similar to yourself and how motivating that is to take your ideas forward. (Donna, Skirting Boards and Chandeliers)

I attended POM X Positive Planner event in January, and it's the best money I've spent in a long while! I now have a crystal clear vision of where I want my life to be headed in 2019 and beyond. (Veena, Coromandel Coast)

The nitty gritty can all be found here, but if you’re looking for inspiration, education and reinvigoration that’s what you’re going to get!

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