Mindset explored - what does it actually mean?

Let’s play a game exploring linguistics and our instinctive responses to specific language cues:

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Use this sentence: “I am _____ because I want it all”

What word comes to mind for the blank?





How about:



Generous with myself

Kind to myself


This is a really simple way of explaining the “mindset” concept that coaches are constantly wanging on about (and apparently it’s all over the corporate world now too).

I’ve always worded it with children as:

What is your approach to this? Starting believing you can do it, or approaching it believing you’re likely to fail?”

Mindset can also be referred to as working on your attitude, your general psyche, your energy, your approach, your beliefs...

I always think it’s a bit like hypnobirthing - our brain associates certain words or phrases with certain physical or emotional responses. Training our brain to surround itself with a set of words, approaches and attitudes that are inherently associated with positive outcomes can, in turn, generate more positive outcomes.

Best way to do this? No one way, but can include:

- surrounding yourself with positive material eg useful Ted Talks, podcasts, meditations (hello YouTube and hello Suzy Reading’s Monday micro moments on Instagram

- knowledge is power (I’m obsessed with the Startup Studio Podcast atm)

- Reading beautiful work eg Michelle Obama, Sara Tasker, Sas Petherick

- surrounding yourself with your very own cheerleading squad, ie people that get it and get you

- affirmations or positive statements, written down in the first person in the present tense (more on that soon) 

- writing in a diary or journaling (I use The Positive Planner)

- a coach or coaching programme that really resonates with you

- for greater work therapy can be amazing (I had it for loss, but I can’t see how anyone wouldn’t benefit from it)

-giving yourself time and space to absorb all of this (thanks to lovely Sakina from Tranquil Birthing for this reminder)

What works for you with this topic? I’d love to know!