A day in the life of a Small Business Owner...with Renee Canter

As a keen gardener myself (albeit a lazy one), I was so delighted to find Renee’s corner of the internet! Her passion, normality and buzz about gardening are such a pleasure to witness, and I am very much hoping to get along to one of her workshops very soon. Here she tells us all about her business and how she makes it work…

1. Tell me about your business! What’s your mission?!

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  1. I'm Renée AKA The Girl who Gardens and I'm aiming to help families enjoy their gardens more! I do this by offering help and guidance on what they should be doing and when, designing spaces that are easier to look after and to enjoy and planting advice on what to grow!

2. Describe a typical work day, warts and all, from waking up to bed time!

2. There is no typical day and that that's what I love! The only structure I have is the walk to school and the pick up from school at 3.30pm. They are important to me and I love the walk to school especially! Otherwise I'm at my desk at home or at a desk at a local garden centre where I'm collaborating with a landscaper to generate work for us both. I might be visiting a plant wholesaler to look at plants or at client's garden measuring up or doing 1-2-1 work with a client. Monday night is yoga night and I'm trying hard to 'not work' in the evenings and spend time with my OH.


3. What are the biggest struggles about your average work day?

The biggest challenge is fitting everything in I want to do work-wise! being organised is key for me and I love me To-Do List and project planning tools to make sure I know where I am as I might be juggling several projects at the same time. May is a hugely busy time for me as its planting time and December as my side-hustle is teaching folk to make Christmas Wreaths so I have lots of workshops going on during December!

4. What are the biggest joys?

4.The biggest joy is when I have sparked a love for a garden by a family. Typically the first contact I get is from someone who has fallen out of love with their garden; is feeling over-whelmed and they don't know where to start with it. To get feedback and photos from someone after I've met them (sometimes long after) of what they have been up to makes me do a little dance!

Power of Mum Confidence Clarity Communication Coach London Surrey Blogger

5. Where can we find you on the internet?

My website is at www.thgirlwhogardens.co.uk Facebook: @thegirlwhogardens Insta: @akathegirlwhogardens Pinterest: AKAthegirlwhogardens