You clutch your dimpled arms around my neck

The gossamer smoothness of your skin, as unblemished as your sunny soul

Your sticky face (how - you’ve only just had a bath) squashes against mine,

Your hot minty breath warming my nape, dear heart…

Your breathing slows, and calms and deepens

All is calm, all is bright.*

And then the magic happens.

I feel our cocoon spinning around us

A golden thread, that glows and grows

that spins and weaves

that supports and soothes

my heart so heavy with love and peace

my soul shining with a mother’s fire

and there’s the ache, the bittersweet

because the cocoon is weaving tighter

but I know you have to go and grow and glow

to leave my nest and follow your smile

but just for now my darling boy

our cocoon is spun and hums with the strength of an infinite

I love you”s and “twinkle twinkle little star”*

how I wonder what you are

each and every day

my sunny soul

my boy

my joy.

*to be sung, should you so feel like it

I’m Laura, and I’m so pleased you’ve stopped by!

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