Quiet Voice

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This is for all people who ignore that nagging voice…but wonder what might happen if they are feeling brave enough to go with it…

You can’t do that

You’ve got responsibilities

You’ve got enough on your plate

Get focused, stop flitting.

Just don’t go there.

But what’s that you can hear?

Oh yes, I know you can hear it too

The quiet, teasing voice

“But what if you did?”

“Nope, Im fine just imagining an alternative thanks.”

“Go on...”

“Hmmm, mayyybee...”

“You know you could..go on, I know you want to...go on, be like Dumbledore...”

“Sorry, what now?!”

“Get your (metaphorical) wand out darling, pluck that silvery dream of an idea out of your brain and Please Do Touch it.”

What if...


Scratched the itch,

Broke into a gentle trot (or even a playful skip...)

Tuned into Radio “My Time” 

Touched the idea, turned it into a reality?⠀

What if you listened to the quiet voice?⠀