Good things take time…

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Yesterday I took on two new one-to-one clients (this caused a happy dance for me, because I love both of them and what they stand for so much already.)

When I asked them if they had any reservations, both of them expressed concerns about spending money on themselves (totally understandable, I always am the same), and perhaps more interestingly concerned that I would be pushing them to spend more time than they wanted to on their business.

It made me realise that more and more I am attracting women just like me-who want to feel like they’re less stuck, and that their business is making them happy alongside a deeply for filling and varied life.

The truth is, there is no rush. You won’t get a gold star for being the first to think of something, because there really aren’t any new ideas any more. If you’re feeling a bit panicked about time, here are five things for you that might help.

  1. It’s ok to work intuitively - my clients typically like to flit like dragonflies from one idea to another, sucking and seeing what tastes good-I then help them with planning (small, medium, long term), vision and day to day accountability. This way they stay true to their creative energy and I help them make progress more quickly! But working intuitively is a lovely way to be, particularly if you’re running a business - why else did you start, after all, if not because you wanted control and flexibility.

  2. What systems do you have in place and are there any tools you need to help you (eg social media scheduling tools, batch planning tasks)

  3. How often do you take a break from work? Whether that’s a decent lunch break, a 20 minute walk or an impromptu Air B n B for a weekend in Dorset?

  4. How often do you reflect upon the hours the week you actually spend on your work? Is it meant to be flexible but you’re actually doing 10 hour days (84 minutes before the school run, working during school without a break, hopping on your laptop as soon as the kids are in bed?) Obviously it’s fine if you do that, but if it’s happening all the time is that how you want to be spending your days? You may need to reflect on points 1 and 2.

  5. The days are long and the years are short, but don’t make your mission in life to be the person who worked the hardest - I doubt that’s what you want on your grave stone. I love work and get antsy without it, but it’s not the only part of you. Your friends, family and so much more matters too.

How do you feel about time? If you want to reflect more on this, my #1000TinySteps course discusses the way we use our time in great depth. Or check out this time reflection document.