When inspiration becomes imitation...

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You know how it is. You’re so keen on starting your business and you have so many brilliant ideas, and in the process of starting you sign up to lots of interesting challenges or like-minded peoples newsletters.

But then before you know it suddenly your copy is starting to bear an uncanny resemblance to theirs, your brand feels a bit “haven’t we been here before”, and you start to lose sight of your own personal mission, brand and individuality…

And that’s completely understandable. Social media makes it all so noisy and it’s so easy to think that “well that clearly works so maybe I should try it.” But the reason it works in nearly every case is because the person has spent ages working out their new business and as a result is really engaging with their clients, their dream products, their dream blog posts, their dream services…

The solution? Working hard to really go back to the basics of what your mission, your vision, your creativity and your brand is all about. Coming from a place of “how can I best serve those with whom I want to work”, rather than “what’s so special about me” will really help with that.

Here’s a few more things to consider - journal about them, or use as you plan anything visible, anything that you want to share…

  1. If I said this to my ideal client over a cup of tea, would they get what I was talking about?

  2. What’s my elevator pitch - or rather how can I describe my business in a sentence?

  3. finish this sentence: “my mission in my work is to…”

  4. The top 5 positive words my friends would use about me are…. these can help in my business by….

  5. What is the purpose behind my work? Why do I want to serve my ideal client?

  6. What would my ideal client be absolutely thrilled to read/ view/ hear?

  7. People not numbers. Comments that mean something not likes.

  8. What’s the purpose of this content? To inspire? To educate? To amuse?

  9. Am I writing to my ideal client or to other people in my industry to impress them?

  10. Last but not least, does this actually sound like me?!

Do any of these questions resonate with you? I’d love to know in the comments below!