My Autumn (Fall) Bucket List 2019

my autumn fall bucket list 2019: Power of MUm

It might be the moment you step out of your front door to a blazing blue sky, leaves falling at your feet creating that brilliant crackle and crunch as you stomp through them. It might be the first time you dig out your Autumn boots and pack away the flip flops. It might even be the first time you crank up the thermostat…! Whatever gives you the pumpkin-infused glow that Autumn is here, I hope you get the same feelings of excitement, purpose, love and good old Hygge that I do.

Autumn’s arrival brings with it a sense of renewed purpose: perhaps it’s the teacher in me, but I’m keen to get everything ship-shape before the C word comes along (!), to set goals, to make exciting plans. I’m also keen to create, make, bake, walk, get the garden (and my wardrobe!) in order and so much more.

It’s not just about what I’m doing: it’s how I’m feeling, how I’m moving, what I’m wearing, what I’m eating, what I’m smelling…

With this in mind, here’s my Autumn (Fall) Bucket List for 2019 for your delight and delectation. Let me know in the comments if you’re going to give any of it a go, or what your Autumn Bucket List would include.

Before you read on, most links are not affiliate but a couple are. Essentially if you click on the thing I’m loving and end up buying it I will get a tiny % of money from the seller!


my autumn bucket list 2019: watch the changing colours of the leaves

my autumn bucket list 2019: watch the changing colours of the leaves

  1. Have a bonfire! Invite round some mates, get some marshmallows in, get blankets and plenty of warm woolly jumpers and scarves and get cosy! Get the kids involved or enjoy some adult-only fizz and fire…

  2. Go foraging: get to the woods and search for treasures - the most beautiful leaves, the best acorns and conkers. Even if they end up being recycled back into nature it will make you get off your phone and start to really look around you. Our local woods have a “Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe” theme going on, which is just heavenly!

  3. Start a new hobby - if not now then when? Capitalise on that “back to school feeling” and try something new - of course I’m going to recommend a choir, but it might be joining up with a local running group, a painting group, how to wire electrics… that thing you’ve always wanted to do but been saying “one day…” to for long enough!

  4. Go to a Calligraphy Workshop, and learn this incredible skill before writing your Christmas cards and labels for presents. These workshops run by Stacy Oakley look good to me if you’re local to Surrey, but a quick Google search yields loads of tempting workshops (and lots seem to have good coffee or good wine included, so win-win).

  5. Get on your wellies and go on a muddy walk - but make sure whatever you’ve planned has a pub at the end of it. If you’ve got kids, keep them entertained by telling “I Spy” or sending them off to find the BIGGEST LEAF; if you haven’t, go on a date with your best friend or your partner.

  6. Visit Winkworth Arboretum: the colours of the trees at this time of year are utterly spectacular, and the sounds of the leaves falling, the crunch of the paths and the scones in the tea-room are well worth the visit. National Trust recommend the rich reds and golds start to really come through by mid October, so get a visit in your diary! My sister used to go there every year with our grandparents for her birthday, so it’s a place that means a lot to us.

  7. Go pumpkin picking and then get carving - genuinely we’ve not been for 10 years but we’re going this year with our three and five year old to this wonderful family run farm Crockford Bridge, and then this Mama needs to follow a tutorial and this one looks good!

  8. Eat outdoors - I’ve just booked an amazing looking workshop for my husband and we are both going to a gin tasting and outdoor nibbles at The Salt Box Surrey in Reigate - wrap up warm and cuddle up close with gin and the smell and sounds of a crackling fire!

  9. Get some family photos outdoors during this time of incredible colour and texture - I’m saving up for a shoot with the gorgeous Lisa (And then she Clicked) - I love all her work so much - maybe I’ll get it as an early Christmas present!

my autumn fall bucket list 2019: Power of MUm

what to wear (sort out and swap out your wardrobe and make up)

It’s time for knitwear: all hail the knitwear season! I know my favourite Autumn look is a massive woolly jumper, oversized earrings, skinny jeans (I particularly love faux leather or rich jewel-hued shades at this time of year) and boots (check out my highlights on my family’s Emu Australia boots - so warm and so chic!) Layer up summer dresses with skinny rollnecks, get those opaque tights and thermal socks out, invest in a couple of fabulous scarves (or check out your local charity shops: I guarantee they’ll be a couple of gems) and embrace the new season. I also use this time to check on Ebay for any pre-loved Christmassy jumpers or tops in anticipation of novelty jumper season…

These are a few of my favourites from this season:

try a different autumn make up look

In Summer I often end up with good moisturiser, mascara and a lippie and I’m good to go - my dusting of freckles is all the bronzer I need. When it comes to Autumn however, as the leaves turn to russet, gold and red I like to adjust my make-up to be as beautiful as the season!

The easiest change is a more punchy lipstick - make sure your lips are exfoliated and moisturised and try some of the latest beauties out there: here are three of my favourites:

Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth System

Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth System

It’s also time to really look after your skin. I have always loved the Liz Earle Three Step Routine: I’d buy a triple of the Cleanse and Polish Pumps and split them between pals for early Christmas presents!

the joy of lighting your own fire: my autumn (fall) bucket list 2019 (Power of Mum)

the joy of lighting your own fire: my autumn (fall) bucket list 2019 (Power of Mum)

what to do inside

  1. ‘tis the season to dust off the slow cooker - get ahead and get nourished with some brilliant slow cooker meals. Delia’s poor man’s cassoulet and any kind of curry are our favourites - I love anything from Alex and Feed the Brood and this BBC Good Food recipe is a winner.

  2. Sweet treats - buy some cookie cutters - we got these from Amazon but I’m sure there are other, smaller businesses selling good ones (tell me if there are) and make some spooooky Gingerbread - enjoy mixing some hideous natural food colouring to make green ghouls and blue bats!

  3. Put up rose gold fairy lights! Seriously! I know it sounds niche, but mine make me feel so warm and cosy without feeling too (here’s that word again, whisper it), Christmassy! These Rose Gold, Moroccan style lights are just like the ones I have at home and I always get so many complements on them!

4. Make hot chocolate - we use this brilliant Dualit milk frother to make ours especially lovely - my sister gave us ours for a present and now I recommend it to everyone!

Produce from our garden - we are so lucky!

Produce from our garden - we are so lucky!

5. Speaking of food, it’s Harvest time - so give to your local foodbank every time you shop in the supermarket - it’s so easy to add a couple more tins or a packet of cereal to your trolley but it can make a profound difference.

6. Knit or crochet - I’ve done the former for a while and knitting a scarf is a super easy way in (I promise!) There are so many good YouTube tutorials these days - try this one. I started the latter this year and have now nearly finished my first Christmas star chain of bunting - it’s so good for my mental health and massively relaxing!

7. Telly in Autumn is AWESOME - we use our Amazon Prime subscription all the time for Amazon Video (it’s all part of the price to get free stuff delivered quickly, and there’s some awesome stuff on there). Try that before an additional Netflix cost - I think you’ll be surprised how much is on there! You could choose something scary - I wouldn’t - but I’ve got an overactive imagination…

What to do for your mind 

If you’re anything like me, you will naturally feel your body wanting to hibernate more - a need for greater inwardness, both mentally as well as physically. Having a journal where you can reflect and plan can be a brilliant way of getting some clarity.

  • I am huuuge fans of Ali and Finn and all they do with The Positive Planner - they’ve got some brilliant free resources up on their site and their yellow planner is still an absolute essential. I’m also so excited to see what they do with their Positive Wellbeing Journal, and I love the Blue Bullet Diary - such a great opportunity to be creative.

  • The Clementine App is an incredible FREE app designed by an all-women team, to help you sleep better, feel calmer and radiate confidence. This is achieved through hypnotherapy recordings on a range of themes and topics - it’s such high quality and so helpful - and did I say it was free?!  

  • Think really carefully about new purchases you do make - I know I’m recommending “stuff” in this blog, and that’s because I genuinely love it all and use it all the time. But more and more we know that a quick dopamine hit can then turn into guilt or regret over money. Unless you’re sure about a purchase do one of the other things on this list and then - if it’s still on your mind - go for it! (And I really do love everything here).

  • Listen to amazing music! I have so many playlists to excite you here - music is absolutely my thing - but here’s some links to some of my favourite playlists:

  • Chilled Autumn Playlist

  • Classical Music Autumn Playlist

So - what do you reckon? Are you already doing some of these things? Are you going to try something new? What have I forgotten?! I’d love to know - please do leave a comment below and let’s chat!