Power of Mu...sic Guest Blog with Suzy Reading

Suzy is THE guru when it comes to all things self-care, and I am so delighted to feature her musical choices in this blog. Suzy is an author, wellbeing psychologist and yoga teacher specialising in empowering people with the tools of self-care.Follow Suzy on Instagram and via her website.

How much does music play a part in your life?

Music is one of my go to self-care activities! It doesn’t take any extra time, it requires no energy, minimal cost and it can transform my mood in an instant. I love that it can help me cultivate how I want to feel with such breadth and variation - it can focus me, calm me, energise me, soothe me, or remind me of a loved one. 

Have you ever learned a musical instrument/were you in any musical ensembles at school?

I’ve always loved music but I’ve never learnt an instrument. That’s another one for the bucket list. I was in the school choir and there’s one musical theatre performance that makes me giggle on reflection.

What music did you listen to as a teenager? Have your tastes changed much since then?

I grew up in Australia and there is a thriving local music scene there but I also loved U2 and Oasis. Occasionally I’ll inflict it on the kids and I love that Ted nods along to Wonderwall. These days I listen to a big range of things, chosen for a specific intention - pop to lift the collective mood at home or keep our spirits up in the car, classical as I prepare for rest and sleep, my favourite yoga tracks during my practice, nature sounds when I want to be present, ABBA to feel wrapped up in my dad’s love.

What do you think “being musical” means?

I think musical means an affinity with music - whether that’s appreciation, the ability to make it, or a sense of rhythm. My 4 year old is an incredible beat boxer, that’s musicality to me :)

Do you think you’re musical?

I’m not blessed with the skills to create it (yet!) but I have a great love and admiration for music and I weave it into every day.

What is THE piece of music that makes you feel everything? When did you first encounter it? When do you listen to it now?

Air on a G String. I remember as a child, my older brother loved it and I loved ice skating to it. I listen to it when I want to feel free, to let all the emotions move through me, and when life feels a squeeze it reminds that there is always beauty, always silver linings.

What music do you hope to pass onto future generations/ leave as part of your legacy? 

I hope my kids will sing out when I’m gone, ‘that’s one of mum’s favourite tunes’ and feel close to me. Music offers us a powerful means of connection. I hope that in all of my banging on about nourishing ourselves that music will be in everyone’s self-care toolkit too.

Clear your brain. What’s the first lyric from a song that comes to mind: GO!

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine...

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