Taking the First Step...

The thing is, when we take #1000tinysteps not one step is wasted. Not one. Even the ones that feel completely pointless or the teeny tiny ones we don't notice.

But here's the thing - when we start a job, we don't analyse everything we do with such forensic detail - we just hope we're doing our best, we try hard, we ensure that our team and our colleagues are happy.

Then we might become a mother - and all of a sudden every single tiny step we take is pored over, analysed in excruciating depth - and we feel constantly self-critical (I don't think this was just me!)

And then - thinking about starting a business, a creative blog, producing Art? My GOD - the self-analysis and self-deprecation can be crippling. 

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I don't think anyone should have to live in this state of constant self-criticism. I think reflection is wonderful. I think talking therapies are amazing.

But I also feel - really quite strongly - that for most women wanting to create something - what they really need is to take 1000tinysteps that make them feel free. That release them from the constant internal narrative. That allow them to take small but mightily powerful steps every single day. 

This is what I'm exploring in my Facebook Group in my free challenge - and here's another thing I've realised. I'd love to see you in there.

Take the first step - go on...

I'm leading a free challenge in my Facebook Tribe, next Monday 11th to Friday 15th September on how you can take your #1000tinysteps - why not come and join me?