This is something that's been on my mind for too long. The ever-constant noise from the coaching world, telling me to tell my clients what they need to do.

Telling them that without making significant changes to their lifestyle, their mindset, their whole routine, that they will never be the "success they should be" or "hit that 6 figure month in 2 months." And I've had enough.

I want to do it a different way. 

A little idea has been percolating around my (sometimes befuddled) brain cells - a little idea that's taken hold - a little idea that I have to explore. And it's this.

Rather than holding people to account for failing to take the LEAP OF FAITH or YOU MUST ACT NOW - why not try #1000TINYSTEPS?

Because I’ve had enough of hearing that doing yoga every day will be enough for me (and I bloody love yoga, but telling me that it’s going to provide all the answers doesn’t quite fit with me. And I know lots of women who aren’t that fussed...)

Because growing a business and a family and a job without losing your sense of self entirely is blinking tricky.

This challenge isn’t for the “mumpreneur” - it’s for every woman who feels that life is going by too rapidly but... where is the time...

It’s because being given the same advice:

“Just be more visible”

“Do a webinar”

“Connect and engage with their pain points”

Power of MUm 1000tinysteps coach mentor surrey confidence mum startup

These are really good steps to take and I have tried them all!

It’s just - if that’s it - then it makes me feel... a bit... soulless.

I want to make a business that’s visible, and the advice is great, but my priorities are having a life where my family and I shine.

Where I read fiction for pleasure. And cook delicious food that nourishes us. And play my violin. And go on walks in nature. And watch Midsomer Murders.

So I take #1000TINYSTEPS - but they’re MY steps. They won’t be the same as yours - but this challenge is about getting you to reveal to yourself what yours are.

Who’s in?

I'm leading a free challenge in my Facebook Tribe, next Monday 11th to Friday 15th September on how you can take your #1000tinysteps - why not come and join me?