7 reasons why you're delaying working with a coach

I often liken Discovery Calls with clients to speed dating (not that I've done this before, having been with Mr O since I was 17...) the heady thrill of the initial "hello", the waiting to see if something "clicks", the warmth when you just KNOW that you're a good fit with someone! 

My clients are usually new to coaching, and whilst they can see the benefits, are nonetheless anxious about taking the leap. Often I hear "I'm not sure if it's quite the right time...", so I thought I would write a blog addressing eight of the most common concerns I hear about working with a coach...

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1. "I'd love to, but I haven't got the time"

Ok - I hear this a lot. My question is always - if you're not investing in the long-term success of your business, and investing in finding that wonderful flexibility and work/life balance you so crave - then how long is it going to take you to achieve that? If everything was working brilliantly, permanently, then you wouldn't be consdiering coaching. And does anyone's business or dream stay that static that it's always going to be "perfect"? Working with a coach gives you strategy, focus and momentum, and actually makes you more effiicient (ultiamtely giving you MORE time).

2. "It's not the right time"

So when is the right time? When your kids are at school and you only get 6 hours of childcare? When they're teenagers and need you for emotional and spiritual support? When they've left home and you've lost momentum and market focus? When you feel more "mentally prepared?" When are you going to find the time to get "mentally prepared?" Much like having a baby, there's rarely a "right time", and sometimes you just have to show up and see what happens.

3. "I haven't got the money"

This is one that needs to be handled with care - if you already in thousands of pounds worth of debt, and in danger of not ever being able to pay the rent/will lose the house if you pay another penny, then I understand why you're feeling the fear. But in nearly every other instance, you can find the money and - if you engage fully with your coaching and mentoring - you will more than make back your investment. I paid out a lot of money for my latest coaching - it was scary. But I have just about made back my investment (£200 to go - full disclosure) - and we're not even half way through the process. Here are ways to get the money:

  • Check through your banking - is there stuff in there for which you're paying and you don't know why? In particular check your direct debits.
  • Work out how much you spend on coffee or similar a month...seriously...I bet it quickly adds up to a detailed coaching session with me (I can't speak for other coaches)...
  • Is there stuff in your house you've been meaning to sell? Do it!
  • Consider if there's an area you can save - are you genuinely using your gym membership or would you get more joy from a brisk walk and a yoga DVD?
  • Put it on a 0% interest for 18 months credit card, which you pay off in full as soon as you make money.
  • If you've been made redundant - negotiate with them and get them to pay!
  • Ask friends and family for their support - feel icky? Perhaps. Believe in yourself and your business idea? I hope so. So sell it to them and get their support

4. "I want to wait until I'm more established"

Of course you can do this by yourself. Of course you can progress your business by yourself. Having a coach will accelerate the process, and most likely save you money and headspace as you develop your business. It can also take so much of the hassle out of "establishing the business" in the first place.

5. I don't want to have to spend time focusing on ME - I just want to provide my service

I get that. Naval gazing for the sake of it is a waste of time. But understanding how you feel about identity, motherhood, being a business woman, money, selling - is so important in helping you avoid blocking your own progression in your business. I don't believe that - as women - we can totally separate ourselves from our businesses - and I work with women to help them find that beautiful sweet spot, where there's balance, honesty and focus in work and at home.

6. "I don't have time to put in place the things we'll discussed"

This is where planning and time blocking comes in. Your own time for reflection, professional development and developing your business is so important - it means your business is more likely to have longevity and you are more likely to achieve balance.

7. "I need to get more of an education/more training/skill up before I could launch my business."

Chances are that you're launching a business about something you feel really passionate about, and which you've either experienced as a consumer or in a former role. Learning and developing your knowledge is a wonderful thing, but not when it is used as a crutch to stop you taking the leap!

If any of these are resonating with you, and you've decided it's time to take the leap and work with a coach then HI! Why not send me an email hello@powerofmum.com and let's have a chat.