Sleep and opinions about it


This blog was initially written when my 3 year old was going through a “lively” sleeping phase (I.e. not), during which time I was offered some very special advice. Here are the top 15 ridiculous things I and other mums heard when saying our kids didn’t sleep...

Thanks to thank Megan @oatcakeadventures, Sophie @mamabubabump, @shivellez, Jenni @mindful_blogger, Sheree @can_we_skip_the_teenager_bit, Maxine @euphoricbirthing, @littleearthbaby for their marvellous contributions!

1.“Do you have a routine?”

“Oh no, I just let mine get feral and mainline sugar an hour before bed – it’s wild in our house but that’s how I like it!”

2. “I would never let my child come into bed – they’re 9 months old now and we’ve never done it, and we never will.”

Wait until they’re 3 and a half, and you’re all ill, and you just need some shuteye.

3. “Have you got blackout blinds?”

No, I like my children to go to sleep when the sun sets and wake when it rises, regardless of the point in the year…

4. “Have you tried cutting out their milk?”

This can also be replaced with “have you tried giving them milk?” Either way, it ain’t going to be received that well by me.


5. “Is there a BLUE LIGHT in their room?”

No, just an iPad. But that’s fine, right?Have you tired moving their bedtime back? Maybe they just aren’t tired at bedtime?”

6. (With a 4 month old who wouldn’t sleep.. ): "oh don’t worry, it’s totally normal.. mine didn’t sleep til they were <insert ridiculously high age here>".... exactly the sort of reassurance you want when your eyeballs are about to fall out of your head you’re so tired. (thanks Megan).

7. “Have you made sure the bedroom is a place for sleep?”

Oh wow! Radical thought! I will remove all the fire, swimming pools and circus acts I usually keep in there shall I?  (thanks Jenny).

8. “Do you think your house might be haunted?”

No, I had never thought that. I’m sure that won’t play on my poor sleep deprived and slightly irrational mind in the middle of the night at all (this is amazing Sheree).

9. “Have you tired moving their bedtime back? Maybe they just aren’t tired at bedtime?” Yep, Shivellez, we've all heard that beauty.

10.  “What YOU need is a white noise machine/sleep pod/teddy that sings/other ridiculously expensive baby item. My baby slept through the night when we got one!”

Great...I’ll go spend a small fortune in case it works (which it doesn’t) (well QUITE Maxine).

11. There’s no point tiptoeing around trying not to wake them, they have to get used to sleeping through noises”. They say slamming doors and shouting between rooms, in the comfort that they don’t have to resettle the baby when it wakes. 15 months later and he still wakes up at Every. Single. Noise. No amount of ‘noise training’ is going to work! Thanks littleearthbaby!

12. "Maybe your kids just need better sleep hygiene" - I mean what does this even mean?!

13. "You need to make sure your kids don't watch any telly at least two hours before bed - nothing."

Have you ever tried to make dinner for two under three and not had them both hanging off your legs without the soothing powers of Sarah and Duck?

14. "I'd just cut their nap out - then they'll be really tired at bedtime."

Cut their nap? CUT THEIR NAP?! Are you KIDDING?! That's my tiny bit of me-time. I literally wept when my daughter dropped hers.let