The importance of touch

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Well, I've got so much to say on this (I think I have so much to say on everything, it's probably why people say I'm "chatty" (read gobby)), but I’m being called to inadvertently touch a bottom (the 3 year old can’t always work it out when she's on the loo...)

But TOUCH. It’s SO IMPORTANT and links so much to loneliness. Here are my top 5 points:

1. Cuddle your kids, kiss them, stroke their soft arms and cheeks. Do this as much as you can before they turn all angsty. Sofa snuggling = heaven.

2. Touch your boobs - check out Let’s make sure we’re breast aware - there's so much breast cancer in my family that I’m always at it.

3. How to stop your husband feeling like your good mate from Halls in Uni that you somehow have kids with?! A snog while they’re watching Peppa. A cheeky bottom squeeze by the fridge. Holding hands whenever you can. Lying naked in bed even if it’s just a prelude to sleep. 


4. Give great big hugs to those you love. Feel their breath slow and deepen (but bear in mind, there are a few people who don’t like being hugged. Those people will freeze...)

5. Get touched. Reflexology, massage, Indian Head Massage, osteopathy. Yes it costs money. But so does buying a coffee every other day or the subscription to Netflix. Your body is so precious. Love it.

What are your thoughts on touch? For me it’s such an act of #selfcare hence including this amazing pic from

Power of Mum Blog Lifestyle Wellness coach fashion podcast motherhood

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