When I started running Power of Mum I simply had no idea how much it could affect how I felt about myself. Myself as a mother, a wife, a friend, a woman...

For ages (and honestly, still sometimes) if I I had a call with client and they didn't book with me I would feel like there must be something wrong with me. That I had failed. That I wasn't working hard enough, doing enough, being enough.

I would beat myself up - tell myself if only I worked harder, if only I had more time, if only I was better...


But you know what? I'm MORE THAN ENOUGH.

I am #busybeingabrilliantmum, creating a wonderful life for my children, keeping them alive (!), dreaming of a fabulous future for my family that I am making. I am helping my clients realise their dreams. I am making music with teenagers and helping them get excited about learning. I am learning every day. I am doing my best. I am more than enough.

Do you think you're enough? Do you think you should be allowed to realise all of your amazing power? Do you ever feel powerful?

Do you think you can be that version of a confident, clever woman, who is living the life she always wanted? Who has a business she loves? Who has flexibility to be truly present with her kids? Who is able to feel like she is enough, every day?

I don't always feel like this (I've shared that with you before, I know, and will again), but what I do know is that I work damn hard to release myself from those stories I tell about myself that just aren't true. Those negative words I say about myself. I am genuinely learning to disassociate how I feel about myself with how I feel about myself as a coach.

And you know what else? I take action every single day. Even if the action is recognising that I need a break from social media and turning off my phone for the day, so my confidence stays strong.

Pic because I want to look like this when I'm older - happy, confident in my own skin, looking like I’ve lived a damn good life.