Power of Mu.....sic Guest Blogs: with Megan Rossiter, founder of Positively Birthing

I started this series of blogs because in a busy and complex world, there is little that unites us more than music, and its power to lift and shape our mood and lives.

Kicking off proceedings is the beauteous Megan, founder of the incredible Positively Birthing , changing the world one birth at at time through hypnobirthing and antenatal classes throughout Surrey and SW London.

How much does music play a part in your life?

Pretty Big! I'm married to a musician and our toddler is already guitar obsessed.. our house is full of instruments and there's always music playing somewhere! 

Have you ever learned a musical instrument/were you in any musical ensembles at school?

I've tried.. and failed.. over the past 28 year's I've put a hand to the piano, the violin, the drums! But the only thing that ever stuck was singing. I trained as an actor and was a musical theatre singer (in my past life!!) which is where I met my now muso husband. I was a reluctant member of the choir at school, I think I only stayed because you got to sing the descants of Christmas Carols in Assembly! But choral music wasn't what I loved. 

What music did you listen to as a teenager? Have your tastes changed much since then?

I was a FAR cooler teenager than I am adult! Me and my friends were into really small alternative indie rock bands.. our parents even let us go to Reading Festival when we were 15 (they must have been mad!).. we loved Jamie T when he was just a school boy from Hampton Wick and his 'EP' releases were at Banquet Records (the smallest ever rock music shop) in Kingston, and my entire computer was full of stuff from Limewire (when illegal music downloading was the world before Spotify).

What do you think “being musical” means?

Having an ear for it.. I think it's 'within' someone, whether that's hearing sounds in a different way or being able to pick up any instrument and make it sound good (a la my husband). 

Do you think you’re musical?
Yeah! I think If I'd learned an instrument earlier on in life (or didnt have million other hobbies as a kid) I'd be able to play now. But I definitely have rhythm and hear things in a 'musical' way!

What is THE piece of music that makes you feel everything? When did you first encounter it? When do you listen to it now?

You mean JUST ONE? (You're getting more than one sorry…)

A Face to Call Home by John Mayer is 'our song', I walked down the aisle to it and I first found it after meeting my husband who is a BIG JM fan! 

Eurythmics, Sweet Dreams reminds me of family holidaying in France as a kid, blaring it out of the windows and all singing along!

You got a Friend is the song I would sing and my husband would play on guitar to Otis as a baby, we sang it at our wedding instead of hymns, that's special.

I Giorni by Ludovico Einaudi is a piece I choreographer to (y'know, in my past life) and I think its beautiful, with ALL THE FEELS!

Oh and for a bit of cheese.. you've got to watch the 'pitch' youtube clip from The Greatest Showman where Hugh Jackman sings 'From Now On'.. That gets me every time.. (Still love a bit of MT)

Oh Oh.. and Tim Minchin, because h’es HILARIOUS! 

What music do you hope to pass onto future generations/ leave as part of your legacy? 

I hope O continues to love music, and feel like he can sing or play whenever, wherever (I mean I could lose the harmonica obsession, though he's actually pretty good at that).

Clear your brain. What’s the first lyric from a song that comes to mind: GO!

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