You're breaking my heart


you’re breaking my heart

you’re waiting for the right time
the time is NOW!
(or is it soon?
or maybe never
you whisper, you don’t feel so clever),

stay small, stay quiet
(don’t want to cause a riot)
but there’s a riot inside you
you’re cross and you’re tired
and excited and nervous 
and really inspired

inspired and intimidated by the women you see
who smash it and nail and “live my best life”
and you’re feeling reduced to mama and wife

and you love being mama and you love being missus
but isn’t it time to shower those kisses
on your own silenced soul
on your own precious dreams
isn’t it time to break at the seams

and shout (even quietly):
I’m enough, I matter, I want to play bigger
my time is now, let’s go, pull that trigger!
I’m off, I’m ready, I’m ready to run, 
I’m ready to shine: watch me glow like the sun.