Wednesday Wonder Woman: meet Lauren Jardine, registered osteopath and Clinical Pilates instructor

If you’re anything like me, Christmas celebrations have brought much merriment but also many aches and pains-sleeping in strange beds (!), soothing children scared of Father Christmas, throwing one too many shapes on the dance floor...Lauren is the woman to help! Read on to find out more about this wonderfully caring woman and her brilliant business...


1. What do you do?

By combining Osteopathy and Clinical Pilates, I help people with their current aches and pains and show them ways of managing their pain long term. Using physical treatment, stretches and exercises, we loosen stiff joints and muscles, strengthen weaker areas and ensure the body is working as best as possible.

2. What about at home -what’s the situation?

I live with my partner and his family (plus the dog!), including his wonderful two and a half year old nephew.

3. What work did you do before you had children? How did you get into it?

Before going to university to study Osteopathy, I worked with children with learning, behavioural or physical disabilities. I loved this job and would have stayed if my heart hadn't been stolen by Osteopathy. I got into Osteopathy through seeing my own osteopath for some injuries I developed as a teenager - I saw how she was able to diagnose and fix me both long and short term and wanted to be able to do the same! I still use a lot of the skills I developed in my previous career in everyday practice, including working with some people with disabilities or difficulties.

4. What do you love about your job?

I love being able to get to the root of their aches and pains and showing people how small changes can have great, positive impacts on their lives. I meet different people every day and build up a real rapport with the people I treat - it's very rare to have a bad day in this job! I get to talk to people all day, learning so much from everyone. And finally, as cliched as it sounds, I love to help people.

5. What drives you to keep you going on those bad days?

As I say, it's very rare to have a bad day but on the rare occasions it does happen, I just keep remembering why I'm doing this - to help people in the same way I've been helped in the past. Being part of something so positive is wonderful and so when things are frustrating me and not going to plan, it's not long before something else comes along to pick me up again.

6. What do you think are the biggest challenges in having a job and being a mum?

Not being a mum, it's a difficult one to answer. One thing my partner and I have discussed though is how I'm going to balance work and home if and when we're blessed enough to have children. Having my partner's nephew at home with us, I've been very involved in all aspects of his life, from dirty nappies to sleepless nights to the wonderful milestones he hits. But it has made me realise that sacrifices will have to be made e.g. not working the long hours I do now. Time management is definitely something I'll have to consider and while my business is my baby, if/when a real one comes along, some changes will have to be made!

7. What are you most proud of (work or home?)

I would have to say in terms of work, I'm most proud of how my business has grown this year. In January 2017, I made a big jump away from a clinic to invest more time into my own business and while it was terrifying at the time, I'm so proud of how it has grown and continues to develop each day. It's been really hard but so worth it! In terms of home life, I'm truly proud of each and every member of mine and my partner's family - we've all had challenges in the past but with the help of each other and other loved ones, we've come through it to the light on the other side. From my brother developing a career despite some learning difficulties, to my partner immigrating to this country and starting his career over, we all have something to be proud of!

8. Where are you hoping your work will take you in the future?

My partner and I plan on having our own clinic eventually - a clinic with osteopaths, physiotherapists, nutritionist, counsellors, massage therapists and other healthcare practitioners. I'd love to develop a centre for all of your healthcare needs under one roof, working together for the sake of the person we're treating. It'll take some time but every step is a step towards it!

9.What advice would you give a brand new mother?

Take your time! Every baby and family is different so try not to get too bogged down with 'my child is doing this' and 'my child grew out of that long ago'. People rarely talk about the bad days and the things that aren't happening so try not to get too influenced by what others say. Yes, there will be some points where if a child isn't doing a certain thing, there will be some concern. But ultimately, you know your child better than anyone so try not to stress the small things (easier said than done, I know!)

10. What do you do to look after you?

I love spending time with loved ones (who doesn't?!) and cooking - it's one of my main stress relievers! Aside from this, I exercise four times per week - I was a sporty child and have tried a number of different exercise methods over the years. I'm currently into weight training for strength and yoga for stretching and stress relief. I find that between all of this, it helps to keep me reasonably stress free and calm.

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