To my child who is tired but won’t go to sleep

I thought I’d got this bedtime sorted

Routine - no problem - love me a plan

A bath, a book, a little chat, lights out, “I love you!” and that’s that

Power of Mum Blog Surrey


But oh; how you have proved me wrong - 

Jumping up and down for so very long that

      I have started feeling dizzy 

      Why are you being so very busy 

       (Am I the one who’s got it “wrong?”)


I just want a cuppa (for cuppa read wine)

This time in the evening it should be all mine

I love you but I just need some space:

I love you but you seem to think it’s a race - 


         to see who can win at messing about,

         to see who can provoke me first to shout -


“This is getting silly just get into bed!

You’re overtired just get that head

right onto your pillow and shut your eyes!”

But guess who’s in for a big surprise?


It isn’t a teddies big picnic;

(We’re not going on a bear hunt) 

It’s wind the mummy up, 

Wind the mummy up, 

Pull pull, let’s be blunt:


Mummy’s had enough, Mummy’s given up

Mummy thinks you're being...oh look, you're asleep.


Power of Mum Surrey Blog

Love you my darling girl.