Wednesday Wonder Woman: meet Megan Rossiter, student Midwife, Mama and hypnobirthing practitioner

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This gorgeous woman first popped up in my Instagram feed @oatcakeadventure and I was charmed by her gorgeous son and her witty, affectionate honest posts. I am so excited for her as she embarks on her hypnobirthing practitioner adventure, and hope you really enjoy reading about her thoughts on all things mum-hood...

1.       What do you do?

 I’m about to take a short break from my midwifery training to focus on my hypnobirthing teaching. But up until now my time has been split between being a mummy and supporting some incredible women through their pregnancies, births and first few weeks of motherhood.

2.       What about at home -what’s the situation? Kids?

Power of Mum Blog

 I’ve got a gorgeous one year old called Otis, who himself was a hypnobaby! I only wish you could hypnotise them into sleeping!

3.       What work did you do before you had children? How did you get into it?

I actually began my midwifery training before we had children, so it wasn’t actually motherhood that sparked my interest! I had been working as an actress since I left school, but felt ready for a change, and it turned out to be one of the best moves I ever made!

4.        What do you love about your job?

Watching couples become families! And being reminded every day of the incredible strength and power that women have. The human body is amazing, being able to help women realise this is something they already know!

5.       What drives you to keep you going on those bad days?

My family, my husband is amazing at reminding me that I do a brilliant job. There will always be days that are difficult or sad, but knowing that I always do my best to support and that I can be a tiny part of making a change for other women helps a lot.

Power of Mum Blog

6.       What do you think are the biggest challenges in having a job and being a mum?

 Oh so many! Childcare, finances, the guilt, the pleasure! It’s all an incredibly tricky balancing act. I think most of all though my priorities have changed since becoming a mum. I’m more likely to make sure I’m getting what I want and need, and more likely to stand up for myself and only seek out work I enjoy, because if I’m leaving Otis for it, it’s gotta be worth it!



7.       What are you most proud of (work or home?)

Giving birth was by far my biggest achievement! But I’m also proud of the little achievements, like my ability to be mostly positive, be mostly kind to myself and think for myself rather than do what is expected!

8.       Where are you hoping your work will take you in the future?

Long term the goal is to work both as a Midwife and hypnobirthing practitioner, bringing the two together might bring us a step closer to changing the system and making Birth the natural, positive experience it’s always supposed to have been for so many more women. Though if you’d told me this is what I’d be doing ten years ago, I wouldn’t have believed you! So who knows!!

9.       What advice would you give a brand new mother?

Trust your instincts and ignore every bit of unsolicited advice!

10.   What do you do to look after you?

I like to blog, I like to read, I like to spend time with friends. This is something that’s definitely fallen to the way side recently! Life has been VERY busy! There’s always time for a cup of tea though!

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