Power of Mum Wednesday Woman: Adele Annett, Specialist Newborn & Baby Photographer


Genuinely one of the sweetest business owners I have met in a long time, Adele is a fabulous photographer who really cares about how her clients feel and adores being part of a family's special first few days. Read on to find out more about Adele and her wonderful business:

1. What do you do?


I photograph those special moments in a baby's first year. Babies grow so very fast and change so quickly, I love to capture them and create lasting memories.

2. What about at home -what’s the situation? Kids?

I have one daughter who I work around at home. She goes to nursery on the days I have my photoshoots and then I edit and do business admin around her naptimes and in the evenings.

3. What work did you do before you had children? How did you get into it?

I was a photographer pre-baby too, but my focus has definitely shifted since having my daughter. I prefer to do more baby photography in my home studio these days rather than travelling the country photographing weddings. I've always loved capturing special memories.

4. What do you love about your job?
I'm photo mad, I've had a camera ever since I was at school and I'm obsessed with photos. I love looking back at old photos from my childhood and at photos of my parents when they were younger too. I have a huge catalogue of photographs, every holiday, special event and even everyday life. I just love creating a visual diary of all the wonderful parts of my life and I want to help others create beautiful memories of their own.


I also love baby cuddles and I love meeting all the wonderful little babies who come to my studio. I love even more the reactions of their mum and dad when they come to view their baby's portraits. It's such a privilege to be trusted with capturing these special moments: there's nothing better than to see how much parents love and cherish the images I produce.

5. What drives you to keep you going on those bad days?

Bad days tend to be a result of sleep deprivation so lots of cuddles and caffeine usually get me through. Knowing how much I love my coffee, my friends all clubbed together and got us an amazing coffee machine for our wedding present so I have wonderful brews on tap all day long.

6. What do you think are the biggest challenges in having a job and being a mum?

Time or a lack of is the biggest challenge. There's always so much I want to do but there are literally not enough hours in a day. Coming to terms with what I can realistically accomplish in a day, post-baby, has been the biggest challenge of motherhood.

7. What are you most proud of (work or home?)

I think I'm most proud of the balance of work time and mum time that I have a constant battle to keep in a healthy equilibrium. I love that I get to work doing something I love but also have lots of time with my daughter.

8. Where are you hoping your work will take you in the future?

I hope my work will continue to allow me to work around family life as it changes and hopefully grows.

9. What advice would you give a brand new mother?


Don't be too hard on yourself! I get to meet so many new mothers and I can often sense the pressure they put on themselves and I did the same too. It's so easy to worry about your baby and all you want to do for them but the truth is they just need your love and cuddles and to be fed. The best thing you can do is relax and enjoy the baby cuddles. Oh an try and get out the house every now and then. There are loads of wonderful classes and playgroups where you can meet other mums. Getting out the house used to break up my day and it really does help to know other mums who are also sleep deprived and getting used to being a new mum too.

10. What do you do to look after you? There's nothing better than taking an hour out and reviving your body and mind than a Pilates class. I love when I get the chance to have an hour just for me. An hour where there's no to-do lists to think about or a little person to keep alive. My body always feels much better after a class, my spine re-aligned and my head decluttered.

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