One to One: One Month Intensive Power of Mum Coach and Mentor

one to one: Six Weeks to Success

This is for you if you are:

  • looking to take rapid and significant action in my life or business

  • I am excited to approach my business or life with focus, rather than just “feeling my way”

  • I am ready to make some positive and profoundly exciting changes to my life and mindset

  • I’m ready to commit to taking some big steps

  • I’m ready to utilise the skills I already have, build on my areas of weakness, look at the things that make me uncomfortable and tackle them with support and confidence

you're going to get...

  • A two hour intensive call one, to get that focus burning brightly: we will look at everything you want to in your life - this will form the basis of your Power Plan

  • A suggested reading list

  • You will have a fortnight to reflect on this intensive session

  • We will then have four weekly calls of an hour long

  • We will create your Power Plan, including 90 day, six month, nine month and twelve month steps.

  • Workbooks to help focus you, including a 90 day planner, a vision booklet, finance planners, mindset workbooks, the list goes on...

  • Ongoing and regular support, via Facebook messenger and email

What will we discuss? Lots, but it will include as a minimum:

  • Your mindset - or as I like to call it - “how you feel about yourself, balancing work with your family, your aspirations, hopes and dreams, your confidence (or not) - YOU!

  • Your work life balance

  • Your big vision

  • taking tiny steps

  • The importance of good SEO

  • The nuts and bolts of building and scaling a business

  • networking and making connections

  • your brand

  • Money money money...The nuts and bolts of finances, alongside crucial work on your money mindset and limiting beliefs (things that make you feel like you can’t progress, when you can)

  • finding clients and converting them so they commit to you!

  • Marketing and social media

  • routines and productivity: being as productive with your time as possible, with tangible tips for doing this

  • outsourcing and delegation

  • finding value in your product and realising your worth

  • eradicating fears and preventing them from helping you move forward

Or maybe only some of that stuff, and lots of other things you never realised were important to you - I treat my clients like the absolute heroes they are, and make sure every single session I am listening to exactly what you need.

YOUR INVESTMENT: £1500 (payment plans available)

It's exciting isn't it! Let's get a call organised or email me!

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