I am convinced that:
You deserve support and a real boost, and with my support you can have the life you want - un-muddled, full of clarity and connection.

Your time, your energy and your talent deserve to be nurtured.

You’re sick of overwhelm, and want to get the confidence you feel in some areas of your life in all areas: work, life, family, parenting, money, creativity…

This might be the first time you’ve ever even considered coaching. Perhaps you’ve read one of my blogs, or been to one of my Supper Clubs, and thought “I wonder if she might be able to help.”

Or maybe you’ve taken lots of courses already, but nothing yet has really had the impact upon you that you deserve. Either way, if you’re seeking someone who will listen actively to your ideas - who will ask questions that get you thinking and lead to tangible conclusions; if you’re after somebody to act as a soundboard, however new the idea or thought might feel to you.

Somebody to talk to who is entirely independent, who won’t tell you what you want to hear but challenge to work out what you need to hear. Somebody to help you achieve clarity and a sense of forward momentum. Someone who will push you and to hold you accountable.

Someone whose focus is upon taking action every day, however small. 

Here I am, excited and full of gratitude and joy, ready to get to know you. You’ll know this is right for you if: 

  • You love so much about your life, but you’re always tired, always feel like you don’t have enough time
  • You’ve always liked working, but now your life has changed and the work you were doing it (or the way in which it’s being done) doesn’t work for you and your family any more
  • You look at what others are doing and you feel like you’re falling behind, not just with them but with what you’re capable of achieving
  • You feel like you have no sense of where your boundaries are around work, home-life, social media…
  • You’re nurturing everyone else, but who’s nurturing you!
  • You’re ready to take tiny steps every day towards the life you deserve
  • You’re open to looking at things in a different way, and to recognising how brilliant you are
  • You’re ready to feel calm, to feel clarity, to communicate with yourself and those around you with confidence

    121 Coaching (6 months, 3 months or 6 week intensive)

    When you invest in this you get a LOT of me. Unlike other coaches I invest wholeheartedly and emotionally in you. It matters to me so much that you succeed. And succeed might mean 5 figure months. Or it might mean more time for Pilates. Or it might mean flexible working. Or it might mean working a three day work. 

    Here’s what I can offer you: my guarantee that I will help you get that clarity and confidence you so deserve.

    No one person is the same, and so no one client-coach relationship or structure is the same, but here’s the framework from which we will work:

    • Typically over 6 months, we will have 12 hour-long coaching calls held via Zoom, giving you time to TAKE ACTION after our work together. Some clients prefer to do fewer calls but in 90 minute chunks - that’s also a brilliant way of working. Over three months we’d have 6 calls. If you’re choosing the one month intensive option scroll down to the bottom to find out more… If we live near to each other and you want to meet in person we will do our best to make that work.

    • You’ll get a relevant reading list

    • Access to my group courses and all the supporting content

    • Workbooks and other strategy and mindset documents

    • Constant, unstinting support via Facebook Messenger, Email and Voxer

    • The option to continue following the completion of this first round (a lot of clients do!)
      my work with clients is based around three pillars of clarity, confidence and communication, but the list of things that we might discuss (this list is by no means exhaustive)…

    • Your mindset - or as I like to call it - “how you feel about yourself, balancing work with your family, your aspirations, hopes and dreams, your confidence (or not) - YOU!

    • Your work-life presence and hopes

    • Your big vision: we look at a 90 day plan, where you want to be in a year, five years.

    • Your beliefs about yourself, your identity and your self-worth

    • Your inner critic and your inner mentor

    • Your creative side and why it deserves to be valued

    • Your ability to be a multi-passionate soul, with the chance to do everything you deserve and dream about

    • That you might want more, and why that is ok

    • How to communicate your desires in all areas of life to others

    • What confidence looks like for you and how you can get it whilst feeling like you

    And if you want to talk business with me (which I love doing…)

    Money money money...The nuts and bolts of finances, alongside crucial work on your money mindset and limiting beliefs (things that make you feel like you can’t progress, when you can)

    finding clients and converting them so they commit to you!

    Marketing and social media

    routines and productivity: being as productive with your time as possible, with tangible tips for doing this

    outsourcing and delegation

    finding value in your product and realising your worth


    Your investment:

    6 months: £1320

    3 months or 6 week intensive: £740

    Payment plans are available

    Email me at, or fill in the form and I’ll be in touch within 24 hours.

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