After an amazing end to 2018 this course is currently closed to participants, but will open again early in 2019. Sign up for updates here and then read on for more information…



“Life is great. I’m pretty lucky. I have a supportive network. I probably have all the time I need. Everything’s just fine.”


“I wish I knew how to use my time more effectively. I wish I had the confidence to go after the things I really want to do. I wish I knew when it was the RIGHT time to do this thing I really want to do. I wish I had accountability.

I wish I had the self-belief to do what I could do.

I wish I could trust my own decisions more.

I wish there wasn’t quite so much noise.

I wish I was less indecisive.

I wish I had the money I think I’m worth.

I wish life was a bit more…calm.”

Any of this sounding familiar? You - you fabulous, wonderful woman, you hold a lot in your heart don’t you. There’s a lot going on in that head. A lot to process. A lot to juggle. And you never quite find the time to prioritise yourself and do it, do you.

Plus - is this just self-indulgent? Would anyone else really “get it”? Why can’t I just stay in my own lane, have the self-discipline, make the changes I need to and get on with it!

I know all those feelings - at some point I have worked through them all - and I’ve come to three conclusions:

  1. We are not meant to do this alone

  2. It is ok to take some time for myself to work through these tiny steps, and transform to a life of greater purpose, of greater momentum and of greater fulfilment.

  3. It is ok to want to do stuff just for ME.

So - is it time for you to jump in (or gently shuffle in, not quite sure but trusting in the process?)

Is it time for you to look at your life, your family, your business or job with fresh eyes, with tangible resources and actions and with a loving, supportive network of powerful women around you (you are a powerful woman by the way)?

Is it time for you to take 1000 tiny steps?

Because if you’re even nodding along to a bit of this, if you’re even feeling a little bit sick and excited, then I’m here for you. I’ve got an amazing course that will leave you feeling 2018 with power, with purpose and with real fire in your belly.

I have cried, felt a bit sick, felt giddily excited writing and filming this course. Because I KNOW how amazing woman are: and I KNOW you deserve to have the life that you want.

It takes work. And it takes commitment. And it’s not always easy. But it is always, always worth it. You are the only one that is in charge of how you to choose your life. What are you going to choose?

What I love about Laura other than her warmth and acceptance of women from all different stories/backgrounds and ideas is that she is really realistic and practical whilst encouraging and growing your wildest dreams for you, your family and your business.
If you’re ever on the fence about investing in POM’s course - DO IT!  What you pay out financially you’ll receive tenfold back in knowledge, expertise, advice, recommendations, tips and above all genuine kindness and friendship.  I’ve never experienced training like this in such a supportive and flexible format. 



Week 1: Fear and the Confidence Myth

What fear is trying to tell us, why confidence isn’t coming (but that’s ok) and how we can release from our fears to move forward with those tiny steps.

Week 2: Trust: The Voice Within and Time

Shutting out the noise and learning to listen within - finding trust in ourselves and our judgements.

Week 3: Nurture: Our innate need to help, nurture and take control

Why we shouldn’t fight our natural state, but how we can use those characteristics on ourselves, and how they don’t need to define us or dictate where we come in the pecking order. If you’re a mama, there’s going to be stuff on the matriarch concept and how our identities change and evolve (which is relevant if you’re not a mama too!)

Week 4: Catch up Week.

And breathe. But also - check in with the Q and A.

Week 5: Creativity

Creativity is essential for our civilisation. It is essential and essentially within us all. Look at children - we are all just bigger versions - and even if you think you’re not “creative” - you are. I promise.

Week 6: Money and Power

How you feel about money, why you deserve it, and what to do about it.

Week 7: Catch up Week 2.

And breathe. But also - check in with the Q and A.

Week 8: I want more

Why not? And what are you going to do about it? Discuss it in the most supportive of settings.

Every single week we will be coming back to TIME. How we’re feeling about it, how we’re using it. I thought about having a whole week just devoted to this, but actually it feeds into every single topic.

Thank you wonderful lady!! I know I have all the answers in me, but you give me the tools to find them. That’s such an asset to someone like me! 
Laura has been an inspiration for myself both on a personal level and creatively in regards to my business idea.

I had my second child, Elliott earlier this year and I really struggled with where I saw myself and what my talents were outside of being a mother.

I refused to go back to my menial pin money job so I needed to refocus my future and Laura’s course offered me a chance to do that.

Ideal for anyone who is a little lost, as life gets in the way for most of us at some point.